New Year, New Dimensions

New space

New space

Usually one greets the New Year with a sense of calm, of peace: the Christmas frenzy is over, the cooking and baking has stopped in favor of a fridge full of glorious leftovers, and everyone is in a food coma, anyway.

Yeah…not this year.

Back in November, in a fit of supreme over-ambitiousness, I committed to expand KatieDid Designs into the room next door. I’ve always been terrible at math, you see, so the equation of:

kids home from college + holiday travel & parties + christmasbuyingwrappingcookingdecorating – (1 week between Thanksgiving and Christmas) + shop expansion = MASS HYSTERIA.

Ok, I’m exaggerating. Panic. The equation equalled PANIC.

But, never fear! Our girls pitched in with social media tutorials for the perennially digitally challenged (AKA, me); Mr. KatieDid helped with furniture delivery, garage management as new stock moved in and Christmas moved out, and moral support; & Allison captured a furniture shipment for me, while transitioning to her new digs across the hall. Now, the whirlwind is OVER and I cannot wait for this weekend to unveil the new and expanded KatieDid Designs. French flair, beautiful new storage and visually interesting furniture are in place, all highlighted with unique, fresh accents for your fresh New Year. Come celebrate with me and with our other Artisans this weekend. New Year, New Dimensions, Incredible Inspiration.