The Breakers

I was definitely born in the wrong era. I’ve always had an affinity for flapper skirts, vintage music, and opulent old hotels. So, on a recent visit to Palm Beach, a tour of The Breakers did not disappoint. 

Built in 1896 and rebuilt (due to fire) in the ‘20’s by great American Industrialist Henry M. Flagler, it has been a celebrated destination for generations….but it’s real charm is in its interpretation of a Medici Villa (scores of Italian artisans were imported during its building). 

From hand painted ceilings, to finely honed stonework, archways, and floors, beautiful gardens, and a massive grand entrance drive, this fine hotel is a wonder of craftsmanship and elegance. In its modern-day styling, there exists a masterful blend of the old world architecture with “refined cool” furnishings and conveniences for today’s crowd.

My favorite spot was the breakers bar, complete with aquarium bar top filled with natural coral and clown fish (another fave of mine, as it happens!)

What a way to spend an afternoon…soaking up architecture, design, “Pink Bubbles,” and listening closely for the strains of the “The Charleston” I was sure I could hear around every corner.